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Intro & About

Do you yearn for slower days, baking in the kitchen with loved ones? For a quieter pace, with all of the time in the world to enjoy each sweet detail? 

Baked goods capture a moment in our memories and imagination. So many times with those we treasure center around food, but creating those perfect moments can be a challenge in a busy life. Let our professional quality and down-home taste bring the magic back into your days and celebrations.

Our focus is on using classically trained practices to combine local ingredients and award winning skills. To bake the comfort food that you don't have time to.

So who's in the kitchen shaping all this?

This is the creative project of Brittany Bock. Born and raised in Iowa City, IA. But with a mom from Delaware and a dad from South East Iowa, it wasn't your typical Midwest upbringing. She learned early that food and hard work go together and it's never a quick process. Whether it was helping her mom make candies at Christmas to send to family across the country, or helping her grandma preserve vegetables to eat in a different season, or helping serve a meal prepared by family members that had come together when a loved one was lost.

To hone her craft Brittany ventured off to culinary school in Minneapolis, MN. After she graduated, she returned to Iowa to start working at the bakery that was part of her childhood. She learned from both baking shifts and about distribution to resellers. After a chance meeting, Brittany was recruited and started working at the local casino. Experiencing the savory side of things and assisting in banquets led to meeting her future husband, Brian who was interim head chef in the fine dining section at the time. Not long after meeting her husband, Brittany had the opportunity to leave the casino and be part of a team opening a cupcake franchise in Iowa City. She jumped at the chance to go back to working on just the sweet side of the kitchen again. Brittany kept busy working all over the business while being the head baker at night.

Eventually Brittany and Brian decided to move back to his hometown of Charles City, IA. Not having any pastry jobs, Brittany joined her husband's family business on Main Street. She continued to bake for family and friends on the side throughout the years. The desire to go back to the pastry world and see the light in people's eyes as they picked out their favorite pastry, never really subsided and when it was suggested that she take the Venture School course at NIACC, she decided why not. That's how she ended up with the website you're on now.